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Professional Window Cleaning 

We are fully committed to giving you the best quality work at the most unbeatable prices. MGJ Decorating over a decade of experience in commercial window cleaning. We are always ready to offer free no-obligation quotes. We try to offer the best services at a very reasonable price. At MGJ Decorating our staff is fully trained & well experienced to use all methods of window cleaning systems available; including traditional, pure water clean and reach and wash systems. MGJ Decorating has an expanding commercial customer base, located throughout the Greater Manchester area & surroundings. We are also specialized in interior window cleaning. We always welcome contract work. We are proud to have the largest database in the country for window cleaning as we are dedicated & honest to our profession. We were founded with pride and will strive to keep you happy no matter what the demands.

Why Choose Us For Window Cleaning?

We clean the entire window like glass, frames and sills. We spend far longer than the average window cleaning & getting into every corner. We use a pure-water system, meaning not only surface dirt is removed but the surface is cleaned of all residual dirt and chemicals as well. We operate ladder less, meaning nobody peering through upstairs windows, or leaning heavy ladders against your property. Reliability is the key to keep a long lasting working relationship; your property will be cleaned on a reliable and predictable round schedule as per your taste & preference. If you want to change the date which was scheduled already that can be easily done. All of our vans are clearly marked with the same livery and our operators are all uniformed with visible company logos.

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